A suite of vintage and DIY analogue audio equipment 


Thorens TD 145

Linear Power Supply


Power Cables

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Personal exploration

Fall 2016

Thorens TD145

  • Built plinth with Bolivian Rosewood and Corian using half-blind mitered dovetail joints and finished with Waterlox

  • Made head shell out of Bolivian Rosewood

  • Rewired tonearm with 32 AWG wire to run from the head shell to the RCA plugs

  • Damped metal chassis with acoustic foam

Linear Power Supply

  • Based on the design from Sigma 22 power supply by AMB Laboratories

  • Creates perfectly clean electrical signal to power the phono preamp

  • Preamp uses this signal to amplify the signal from the phono cartridge hundreds of times

  • Bolivian Rosewood panels match the turntable

IcePower Amplifier

  • Class d-amplifier: ICEpower amplifier board designed by Bang and Olufsen

  • Amp runs efficiently and cool and has a very small footprint