C’Space is a virtual co-working space for the distributed workforce.


Users build workspaces with capabilities beyond the physical for solo, cooperative and public work.


  • C’Space is a virtual operating system that gives users familiar ways to work that break through the screen allowing them to work at scales unachievable in the physical world

  • Users are provided with a limitless customizable virtual work space

  • Build and organize workflows, parse data and build communities in virtual reality.

  • Users optimize their C’Spaces for collaborative and solo work, review and community engagement.

Project Type:

User research

Web Design



Shin Young Park

Yuko Kanai


MFA Products of Design

School of Visual Arts

Guidance from Debrah Alden

& Lawrence Abrahamson

Fall 2018

Design Goals

  • Engage the larger community of creative professionals to contribute to the enrichment of others.

  • Create tools for interaction between users and learning resources

  • Celebrate community-building through skill-sharing

User research

Challenges faced by creative freelancers:

  • The half life of skills is rapidly shrinking

  • We must rely on others to grow

  • Connect large professional network virtually


  • Independent learning ‚Äčis not isolated

  • Interpersonal skills are more durable and transferrable skills than hard skills

  • Creative freelancers maintain an expert appearance by using online training to rapidly fill knowledge gaps

  • Creative freelancers need encouragement and assistance to get through the learning curve when developing new skills

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